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Unique custom design

We can design your stand in 3D according to your wishes and price options, and also offer some advice.

Unique custom design
  • rendering a 3D construction of your stand
  • consultation regarding your stand or exposition
  • creative solution

Develop your stand as your business grows

Virtually unlimited combinations of shapes and dimensions. Send us your concept and we will design a custom stand for you.

Examples of custom design

Order process:7 - 21 days

3D design and price calculation1 - 5 days

3D design and price calculation based on your requirements.

Graphic design and production3 - 8 days

Graphics of the stand and production of aluminium profiles.

Print2 - 5 days

After the print samples have been approved, we start with graphic panels production.

Delivery1 - 3 days

We deliver your stand by courier service or by post, or pick it up at our showroom.

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