Benefits of T3works

No tools required

Using the patented Twist and Lock mechanism.

Compact packaging

Reducing storage and transport costs is crucial. All our profiles are modular and fit into specifically designed cases. All graphics can be rolled into graphic drums for maximum efficiency.

Easy transport

Exhibition stands are easily transported by car or by plane as an ordinary luggage with the use of lightweight flight cases.

Suitable also for outdoor exhibitions

The frame can be designed to sustain all manner of outdoor conditions including wind and rain.

10 years guarantee

Durable and high-quality materials enable us to provide a guarantee for the frame of stands up to 10 years.

Fit to any space

The modular nature of the exhibition stand means you can reorganise and redesign the stand to meet any floor space you require. This allows for interesting deisgn and custom last minute changes.

Variety of use

The exhibition stand is flexible and can be assembly to suit your specific need.

Assembly instructions

Every exhibition stand have a manual with clear instructions how to assembly a stand. Every element of the system is marked to avoid any mistakes.

Seamless frame

The frame can be completely covered with graphic panels and will not be seen.

Magnetic graphic panels

We mostly print on rollable PVC with magnets, which is then laminated. This is how you get a durable graphic panel which can sustain tougher treatment as well as multiple use.

Textile graphic panels

Seamless large-sized textiles are lightweight and create a compact design for your exhibitions stand.

Backlit graphic panels

To achieve a better effect, you can illuminate individual elements of the stand by using the unbreakable 360° LED light tubes called the Wandlite.